PLEASE HELP Sonny and Judy West April 2017

PRAYERS for Sandi Pichon May 28 2016

From comes the sad news that Sonny West, and his beloved wife Judy, are having medical and financial issues. Here is the direct link to the story: Sonny & Judy West need help

Including into the article is the details to the various accounts that have been setup for donations and I hope, and pray, that Sonny and Judy will recover (i.e. monetarily, financially, emotionally, etc.) and that fans of Elvis Presley and non-fans of Elvis Presley will donate to these worthwhile fund raising sites.

I am so sorry to have learned of this and I will keep them, and their family members, in my prayers as I know firsthand how taxing this can be on everyone involved.

Please help in any, and every, way you can and please let others known as well including via social media.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


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